The Dimpler┬« Tie Tool

Put the Perfect Dimple in your Necktie!




A well dimpled necktie makes a strong first impression in the work place as well as in social circles.



The Dimpler Tie Tool gives you the power to create the style of dimple that you desire; big and bold, or subtle and subdued.  


The Dimpler Tie Tool locks your dimple down for the duration, with the staying power to last all day long. You wont have to give it a second thought.



The Dimpler leaves nothing behind in your necktie. No clips, no snaps, no wires, no nothing. You get all dimple and nothing but dimple, pure and simple.


Once you get the hang of it, the Dimpler is fun and easy to use.


The Dimpler is made from a high performance polymer plastic that is durable and resilient. It is a one time purchase that will last you a lifetime.



The Dimpler comes in a compact cylindrical carrying case, that sits conveniently on a counter top, cabinet, or closet shelf. It is not easily lost or misplaced.



The Dimpler Tie Tool and it's packaging are made entirely in the U.S.A.



thank you for your attention and interest in the Dimpler® Tie Tool. If you have any questions or suggestions please direct them to: